Our Mission


The mission of the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at FAU is to support students with documented disabilities in their pursuit of equity and excellence in education. The OSD works with FAU faculty and staff to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided to allow this population of students an equal opportunity to learn in the classroom setting and have access to all areas of FAU campuses. The OSD fosters student self-advocacy and the development of compensatory skills that support independent learning.

Ryan in graduation gown 

Vision Statement

The FAU Office for Students with Disabilities strives to be recognized as a premier college disability services provider, offering a multitude of services over and above the provision of academic accommodations. We are committed to providing inclusive and comprehensive individualized services and state of the art assistive technology, while adapting to the dynamic needs of the diverse student population of Florida Atlantic University.

Core Values

  • The OSD facilitates the retention and graduation of students with disabilities at FAU by ensuring nondiscriminatory, equal access to programs and facilities through advocacy, counseling, and the provision of academic accommodations.
  • The OSD endorses academic integrity in the provision of accommodations without fundamentally altering the essential nature of course or degree requirements.
  • The OSD encourages an institutional commitment to promoting student abilities rather than disabilities.
  • The OSD fosters collaboration between disability services and all academic and administrative departments relating to Universal Design and policy implementation.
  • The OSD works with facilities to cultivate campus awareness regarding physical access.
  • The OSD promotes meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in all aspects of campus life.
  • The OSD remains current on research and best practices within the field of service provision to students with disabilities in post-secondary education.
  • The OSD facilitates the development and empowerment of students with disabilities by modeling and encouraging self advocacy and independence.


 Last Modified 3/11/15